It’s that time to put my personal blog on hiatus too. Rightio then, folks!

I’m gonna be without internet for two weeks. While the thought of that pains me, I know I’m going to have fun on holiday - since I know I’ll probably have some stories to share with you all when I return - and hopefully not suffer from withdrawal. Fingers crossed. Pray for me, please—

Kinda bummed I can’t keep an eye on you misfits, but what’chu gonna do, eh?
I kid, I kid—

Anyhoo, Lanzarote calls me. It’s where my birthstone is from too, so woot. Watch as I don’t tan at all, and only burn.

I’m gonna miss talking/interacting with you all for two weeks, but I know things are gonna be the same when I return. I hope. Don’t forget me—

This is your friendly dork Amy/*insert every nickname here*, signing off for the final time. I’ll see you all when I get back.

I love you all, okay, and remember that there’s always someone out there who cares about you. Stay safe everyone, and keep on smiling, that’s an order!

またね。 バイバイ!


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serrph inquired: Watch out, Yosuke. The gays are coming for you.

Can’t catch me if I outrun them—

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It’s that time.

Good night, everyone! Sleep well!

(Hiatus post will follow this one)

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serrph inquired: I've done my job then


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serrph replied to your post:cHRIST—
They’re taking over

And Yosuke is not happy.

#but he has to deal with it #serrph #wae amy doth speak


#LOOK AT IT HOLY CRAP-- #wae amy doth speak

lunarpikachu watch this space—

#i'm putting them in-- xD #wae amy doth speak #lunarpikachu
Totally don’t have enough characters in that icon there already, nope— You need two more, like… peeking in from the ceiling.

If I have time, I wanna do it right now—

I’m gonna put Virus in there. Who else? Trip? Mizuki maybe? Hmm.

#who who i can't decide-- #maybe trip because having him and virus would be funny #wae amy doth speak #lunarpikachu

I love those “Imagine your icon” posts even more now with my updated one.

#i was gonna add virus on there too but-- #well we'll see when i get back #wae amy doth speak