It’s ten minutes till 6am, and I totally forgot I’m getting up at 8.30am to go out with my friend at 11am to Cardiff (hooray for the capital of Wales—).

I’m going to die—

Nighty night!

uwah— ‘dork’ would be correct, but ‘adorable’, asdfghkl— ahhhh, no~

and hush yo selves, the reality is all of you are cool, and if you don’t believe that, at least know you people are super funny and very nice, wowzers, best bunch of people, mmhmm~


someone who looks hella good in a suit and is rocking it like wowie 

someone who denies they’re cute who is, but also can be evil and is the best meme 

someone who appreciates nagisa and made me feel nostalgic because sonic heroes 

southernblott said: yeah my lastest selfies were trying it on. you have the link on my blog on the left.

i never see things on my dash unless i go looking for them these days, everything moves so fast, but… ro, ro, ro—

ohmygosh, you look amazing, ahhhhhhhhhh, it suits you so much~!

… okay, unintentional suit pun right there, ignore that fact—

Texting buddies—

southernblott said: havent you seen it though? its on my face tag.

*gasp!* It is? 

southernblott said: god YES I WOULD LIVE MY ENTIRE LIFE IN A SUIT IF I COULD THEY ARE AMAZING. i only own one tho

EVERY SUIT, ALL OF THE SUITS— *grabby hands* One suit is still awesome, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh~

Ah, yes, he’s realised it for himself.

painedstudent said: STOP

suits mean a lot to me, so NEVER—

southernblott said: yes they arE

just— suits.

i’d wear them all the time myself, tbh