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I pretended to go to sleep, but then I actually fell asleep, so… *quickly turns off laptop before anyone finds out*

I am weak. I cannot believe.

Gotta poof for a bit if I want the internet to stay on, so ciao for now.

lunarpikachu said: MATH! *wants to figure it out because math but knows very little about Kpop* OTL

Got there in the end, senpai, but it was a struggle to the end—

Anonymous asked:
Hi, I'm the maths anon! SHINee, BIGBANG, Block B and VIXX were in the room

See, when I read SM Entertainment, my mind automatically assumed all of them were SM artists.

Lemme do the thing; BIGBANG are with YG Entertainment, Block B are with Seven Seasons, and VIXX are with Jellyfish Entertainment.

Block B went to Seven Seasons from Stardom Entertainment.

Yep, now it’s obvious. I really need to read things better. Huh, maybe this is why I sucked at maths back in school.


Hey, Persona fandom, I dare one of you to write an equivalent of Econimic Flushout where fanfics are concerned—

*cries because SHINee*

Anonymous asked:
u could get about 680 mcnuggets for the same price as 12 corn dildoes...

680? that’s it, let’s all go get those nuggets—

Anonymous asked:
Kpop math question! 'There are 23 guys in a room. They make up 4 different groups. 2 groups contain 5 members. One of these 2 groups is with S.M.Entertainment and in the other group 2 members have formed a sub-unit. One of the remaining 2 groups signed with another company in 2013, and the other group has won 3 times on music shows. Who is in the room?


23 guys, that are four groups.

2 groups contain 5 members.

Oh god, one is SHINee, um… who’s the other group—

Hold on, there aren’t two groups of SM with 5? Isn’t SHINee the only group of 5? Or am I forgetting—

Holy crap, you’ve lost me—

I know SHINee is in the room, but I am sooooooo lost on the others. I wanna say TVXQ! as well? But they only have two now, so…

I can’t. Maths. I’m dead.

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Pls don’t reupload :)

"… Corn."